I am regularly out on the Web. When I find a great site I list it. I do not endorse 100% of the content on the sites below, but I think they contain helpful information.

Feeding the Hungry

Food for the Hungry


Dalit Freedom Network

Samaritan’s Purse


Operation Mobilization

OM Arts

Ministering to Cults & World Religions


Spiritual Counterfeits Project

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Persecuted Church

Open Doors

Voice of the Martyrs

Abide in Christ

How to Abide in Christ

The Self Life & the Christ Life

Moral/Sexual Purity


Covenant Eyes

An Anatomy of Lust:  The War Within

The War Within Continues (Follow-up on An Anatomy of Lust:  The War Within)

Gender Confusion

Restored Hope Network

Desert Hope

Desert Stream

Exodus Global Alliance

Genesis Counseling

Other resources can be found here


The Kneeling Christian

The Prayer Life, Andrew Murray

Deliverance Ministry

Don Dickerman Ministries


Maher Studios

Jimmy Nelson Teaches Ventriloquism (I learned how to become a ventriloquist from this “record” 50 years ago)

MAT Puppets (Custom made ventriloquist figures)

Axtell Expressions


Hear the Heart of Chip's Life Message

"As you worship Me,
I will work in and through you."

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Chip's World Mission Statement

The whole gospel to the whole world so that the whole world might wholly worship Jesus Christ.


For information on the Dalits:

For information on ministering to persecuted Christians: 

For information on Operation Mobilization:

For world prayer resources:


junior-thumbJunior is, well, Junior. Saturated with self-confidence, convinced that everybody adores him, proud of what he regards as his “movie-star good looks,” and antsy to have a good time at the drop of a hat...

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eugeneWhen questioned about the benefits of being 102 years old, Eugene replies, “No peer pressure.” Just bringing Eugene out of his suitcase gets instant laughs from any audience he appears in front of...

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Kelly Sue

kelly-sue-thumb“If you look up the word loser in the dictionary,” sighs Kelly Sue, “My picture would be next to it.” To say that Kelly Sue doesn’t like herself is the understatement of the year...”

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