Let us honor the Holy Ghost.—A.B. Simpson

It happened on an occasion after D.L. Moody spoke in a Sunday school. In speaking of the incident, Moody said it probably influenced him more than any other single experience in his life. As he was getting into a carriage to hurry from the Sunday school to another service, he was touched on the shoulder by an old man whose white hair was blowing in the wind. With his finger pointing at Moody, he said, “Young man, when you speak again, honor the Holy Ghost.” –Raymond Edman

Later in his ministry, Mr. Moody would say to his successor R.A. Torrey before he would leave for his evangelistic campaigns, “Torrey, don’t forget to honor the Holy Ghost. Tell them about the Holy Ghost.”—Evan Burns

I challenge you to spend today asking, “Lord, what does it mean to honor the Holy Spirit, and how do I do it?”—Chip Kirk

Hear the Heart of Chip's Life Message

"As you worship Me,
I will work in and through you."

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Chip's World Mission Statement

The whole gospel to the whole world so that the whole world might wholly worship Jesus Christ.


For information on the Dalits:  http://www.dalitnetwork.org/

For information on ministering to persecuted Christians:  https://www.opendoorsusa.org/ 
Also:   http://www.persecution.com/

For information on Operation Mobilization:  http://www.om.org/

For world prayer resources:  http://www.operationworld.org/


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