Are you available to come to speak for one meeting as well as for a series of meetings?

Yes. I can come for one meeting, two meetings or a whole week of meetings.

What is your speaking fee?

I do not have a speaking fee. I do ask for my travel expenses to be covered and appreciate a love offering or gift that will go towards my ministry support fund.

Do you receive a salary from Operation Mobilization (OM)?

No, I receive no salary from OM. I am required to raise all of my personal and ministry support which is processed for me through OM, a non-profit ministry. Gifts and offerings I receive from my speaking ministry go into my support fund with OM.

Do you use ventriloquism as your primary form of communication and ministry?

I use ventriloquism as a tool in my ministry to help communicate and illustrate biblical truth. I try to make it very clear that I am primarily a preacher who incorporates ventriloquism into my ministry, and not a ventriloquist who incorporates preaching into my act. There is a significant difference in the two.

What do you do besides speak in churches, schools, and meetings in the USA?

I’m also involved in traveling, teaching, and training in OM venues throughout the world. I help train new missionaries in conferences overseas and also visit missionary teams, both OM and non-OM, worldwide as a Bible teacher and trainer.

When I’m not traveling outside of the Atlanta area I am involved in various aspects of outreach and ministry to the homeless on the streets of Atlanta, the growing Muslim population, and demonstrating the love of Jesus to Atlanta’s gay population, the third largest in the nation. I also meet regularly with several younger men in a mentoring relationship.

Does your wife also work with OM?

Stellise has worked in the OM-USA Office in the past, but currently uses her nursing skills and training in another non-profit ministry doing respite care for medically fragile children. Due to her work schedule and our financial restrictions, Stellise is not able to travel in ministry with me as much as we would like.

How long have you served with OM?

We joined Operation Mobilization in the summer of 1987, and we look forward to many more years of ministry with OM.

Hear the Heart of Chip's Life Message

"As you worship Me,
I will work in and through you."

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Chip's World Mission Statement

The whole gospel to the whole world so that the whole world might wholly worship Jesus Christ.


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